Baptism, Halloween and daycare: October was a busy month!

11-9-17Welcome back to the world of all things Andrew! It’s been quite a month for this little guy, and I’ll try to catch you all up. First of all, I have a ton of new photos posted that you can see by clicking here. Now, onto the fun!

On a Sunday earlier this month, Andrew had a big day as he was baptized in the Catholic church. The picture here shows him wearing the same baptism outfit that I wore as a Baby (thanks to Nana for saving it). Andre’s Aunt and Uncle stood by as his Godparents, and both sets of grandparents were in attendance, along with cousin Eleanor and big brother Ben who was super proud of his little sibling. It was definitely a blessed day, and Andrew did great taking it all in without freaking out during the service.

Besides growing at a crazy rate, and learning to do some new things (like rolling over on his own), Andrew also had some first experiences. First up was Halloween. For his first holiday, Andrew dressed up as the Cat in the Hat, while Mommy and Daddy went as Thing 1 and Thing 2 (you can see photos of all of us, including secret agent brother Ben, in the photo link above). Andrew even came along trick or treating with Ben and his friends. He looked a little confused at everyone being dressed up so silly, and he was probably wondering why we were knocking on so many doors. But, he certainly was comfy in his extra fuzzy costume, and didn’t even complain about the hood/hat piece that went over his head. All in all, I think Andrew’s first Halloween was a success, even if he may have just been happily confused about what was going on!

The next big first for Andrew was his first trip to daycare. The time finally came for Mommy to head back to work, meaning Andrew was headed to some new friends and new experiences at his daycare. To say he did better than Mommy and Daddy would be an understatement. While we were both sad to hand him over to others and to not get to see as much of him, Andrew was all smiles and seems to be having a blast during his new weekday routine. The little guy quickly won everyone at the daycare over with his smiles and happy-go-lucky attitude. He was even flashing grins at the other babies and toddlers that he shares a room with. I think Mommy and I are slowly getting used to the new reality that Andrew will be spending so much time there, now, we are just struggling with figuring out when everything is supposed to get done around the house!

And finally, today we also take a moment to celebrate that one year ago today, the story of Andrew officially began (although Mommy and Daddy had already gone through many chapters leading up to the day). This day last November was Maggie’s implantation day, and I guess you can say the rest his history, and still being written. So thanks for following along as we continue Andrew’s story! And be sure to check out those new photos right here!



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