Happy 2 Months, Andrew!

Two months!? How can it be? But it’s true, two months ago yesterday, this little guy came into our life, and its been a whirlwind since. (You can click here for some photos of Andrew over the last month). Mommy and Daddy are still trying to figure out when we are supposed to sleep (Andrew has decided he sleeps whenever he likes, and not in any sort of identifiable pattern). We are also running out of time, as Daddy has one more full week at home until it is back to work, while Mommy has a bit longer. Already , we are unsure how everything is supposed to get done! But, its all worth it when this little guy is smiling up at you, cuddled in your arms.

Andrew has started giving us a little peek at what his personality may be like.For one thing, he is very expressive, making all sort of faces, trying to show us how he feels..whether its happy, surprised, angry, silly. If you get in his face for long enough, the odds are that he will give you some sort of reaction that makes you smile. Whether its tummy time, or laying on his back on the play mat, Andrew will let you know when he is having fun, and there will be no doubt exactly when he stops having fun! He has even started waving his arms around trying to reach and grab for some of the toys.

There have also been a few tears shed, as Andrew has already moved on from many of his newborn outfits. It was a sad day when we realized some of his cuter ensembles were already past their time. It’s funny how something as simple as the baby out growing clothes could trigger all sorts of deep reflections about everything else that we wouldn’t experience with him any more as he grows: bringing him home for the first time, that first bath, holding him those early days when he was so impossibly little, seeing him smile for the first time. Its all happening so fast, and he is changing and growing so quickly…. and it will only accelerate.

One thing is for sure, I know both I and Maggie have treasured this special time that we have been able to spend with him, away from work and everything else. Over all it has gone by in a flash, but there have been some days and nights that seemed to stretch on forever. Through it all I’ve just tried to enjoy and remember every minute with the little guy.

And somehow here we are, bringing him to the doctor today for his 2-month check-up, where Andrew will get his first shots, which I expect to be a little traumatizing (for Mommy…I’m pretty sure Andrew will handle it with flying colors). We’ll find out just how much he has grown. As the seasons change from summer to fall, our lives are also undergoing a number of changes as Ben heads back to school, and the return to work is looming. Football season is upon us, and while we still aren’t sure where Andrew’s allegiance will ultimately lie, for the first week of the season he was good luck to both the Eagles and the Steelers. And I can say with confidence that he will be a Penn State fan, as I got to spend an afternoon relaxing on the couch and watching the game with him this past Saturday. We look forward to taking him to pick his first pumpkin, and then it will be his first Thanksgiving, and before you know it, it will be time for pictures with Santa. It’s all going to happen fast.

For now, I’m going to try to push a lot of those thoughts from my head, and just sit here and hold him and convince myself that he can just stay like this forever, curled up in my arms and sleeping away peacefully.  I’ll smile and pretend that….until he wakes up hungry and crying…then its right back into that rush of reality!

Happy two months Andrew, it’s two months none of us will ever forget, and we will always cherish!


2 thoughts on “Happy 2 Months, Andrew!

  1. Dear Andrew, Wish we lived closer so we could enjoy watching your grow. So glad we can read about you and see your pictures. You are adorable. Love, Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sunny


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