Into the Wild

9-1-17Welcome back to all things Andrew! It’s been an exciting couple of weeks as Mommy and Daddy have grown adventurous and taken little Andrew on a few road trips. But first, a few updates from every day life with the little guy.

Andrew has been packing on the weight, and growing every day. He is much more responsive, giving you little smiles and tracking you with his eyes when you play or talk to him. We’re still trying to figure out a sleep schedule that works for everyone (specifically Mommy and Daddy!), but we’ll get there. Sadly, some of his new-born size outfits are already too tight. I’m not really sure where the last 7 weeks have gone!

Our first big trip was to the Ocean City boardwalk, with big brother Ben and cousin Ryan. Since we are missing our annual family beach trip this year (due to a sudden influx of newborns in the family!), we decided it would be nice to at least get a little taste of being down the shore. It’s pretty funny how things change with a baby in tow, as we made it a grand total of about 6 blocks on the boardwalk over several hours! In that time, we stopped in a few stores, had some dinner, played some video games, rode some rides, bought some fudge, and called it a night. It actually went pretty smoothly, said from Andrew deciding to have a huge diaper blow out in the middle of the amusement pier. (I apologize to the people sitting at the table next to us as we had to change that nightmare!) All in all, it was a short but fun trip. Ben even insisted on getting some sand to rub on his brothers feet (and drop into his car seat), to commemorate his first trip to the beach.

Our next big adventure was a trip to the zoo with brother Ben and Nana. Andrew slept most of the way over and as we entered the zoo, so it was pretty hilarious to watch him wake up in the middle of the zoo, looking wide-eyed and a little confused. I’m not sure how much Andrew saw, but there were a lot of animals out and about, and the weather was great. We even met up with Aunt Devon and cousin Eleanor for a little bit while we were there. Unlike on the boardwalk, we avoided and major diaper incidents here, and made it through the trip relatively pain-free. I have a lot of memories of bringing Ben to the zoo, so it will be fun bringing Andrew back as he gets older and can take more of it in.

Finally, our most recent adventure was up to my office to visit my co-workers and introduce them to Andrew. It was fun to see everyone and hang out for a bit, and Andrew was wide awake to say hello. I’m the only one with kids on my team, so I’m not sure they totally understand what life has been like for me the past month or so. Andrew gave them a little preview when he made a huge, loud, wet mess in front of all of them. The looks on their faces was priceless! Besides the messy diaper, it was a fun trip, and Andrew did great on the car ride up and back.

This weekend, Andrew gets to meet a lot more family for the first time, and we will help brother Ben wind down his summer and get back to school. So as usual, there is a lot going on, and we’ll be sure to cover it all right here!


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