Happy 1 month Andrew!

8-13-17Being at home with a newborn can really warp your sense of time. Yesterday marked Andrew’s 1-month birthday in this world, and I can’t decide if that time went by impossibly fast, or if it feels like he has been here three times as long.  With the days and nights blending into a never-ending pattern of feed, diaper change, sleep (if you are lucky) and repeat, it can be hard to even know what day you are on. But no matter how tiring or confusing, I know we wouldn’t trade this time with Andrew for anything.

Andrew has had quite the first month. Like most babies, he clearly loves to eat, and he doesn’t have much patience while you get ready for him. He also makes Daddy proud with his loud a numerous farts after a good meal. We are getting to the point where I can almost blame my gas on him and you might seriously question who really dealt it. Pooping and peeing are also favorite pastimes of Andrew. So far, Daddy may have been peed on the most, and I also have had an infamous incident where poop shot onto the floor, but I’ll leave the details to your imagination!

When he isn’t eating, or clearing room to eat more, Andrew is quite the cuddle bug. He loves being held, and lucky for us, seems to be able to sleep through all sorts of noises, like the dog barking, people talking loudly, or whatever else is going on around him (I’m thinking he may get this trait from his Dad, as I also am apparently able to sleep through all of his crying!) He especially seems to like cuddle time with his big brother.

While we have spent most of our time in the house, Andrew has been out on several adventures. We have taken a trip to one of Ben’s soccer games, had a stroll through the mall, paid both sets of grandparents several visits, and gone on a few walks with the dog. While he may fuss getting put into his carrier seat, once he is in there, Andrew seems to just sit back and enjoy the ride, whether it be in his stroller or in the car. Here’s hoping the trick of taking him for a drive to get him to fall asleep for a nap will work in the future (this was a favorite of mine with Ben. I invited him on countless trips to the mall, when in fact we would just end up driving a few blocks until he passed out and then returned home!)

We have also had our first bath times, tummy times, time with cousin Eleanor, and visits with numerous friends. Mommy has been a trooper with the breast feeding, making sure little man stays full and is growing. There have been a lot of late nights, early mornings, tears of joy and exhaustion and just plain tears for no reason that we can discern at all sometimes. The past month has seen big changes for all of us, with Maggie becoming a new mom, Ben becoming a big brother, me relearning how to care for a newborn, and even for Shadow, our loving dog. He seemed confused by Andrew at first, but now seems to have adopted him as the newest member of the pack. Whenever the baby cries, Shadow is quick to come to his side, and try to lick and comfort him however he can.

It’s hard to believe that all this has happened in just one month. It’s equally as hard to believe that it has only been one month, as it feels like we have known this little guy forever.So happy 1-month Andrew, you have already made quite the impression on this world and in our lives. I would say that you (and we) are off to a great start!

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One thought on “Happy 1 month Andrew!

  1. We have an adorable great nephew. He looks and sounds like a bundle of joy. Hope he doesn’t grow too fast before we meet him. Love, Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sunny


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