Three Weeks and Counting

8-4-17Hello again everyone! We are back with another entry in the Baby Andrew Chronicles. It’s hard to believe that as of yesterday, it’s been three weeks since we got to meet this little guy (I think for mommy and daddy it has been one big blur!)

The little dude had his 2-week doctor visit last week and everything looked great. Andrew is packing on the weight, which was a big relief to mommy in her breast-feeding efforts. We did have a little bit of a clogged tear duct and some diaper rash to deal with, but otherwise, little man got a clean bill of health.

I think we still have our days and nights a bit mixed up, as no one seems to be getting a decent amount of sleep in this house on any given night (except for big brother Ben, who seems able to sleep through anything!) We definitely seem to have some issues with laying down to sleep without fussing or waking up with gas (just to be clear, I’m talking about Andrew here, although sometimes this can apply to Daddy as well). But we are all still working to figure out our night-time schedule, and hopefully things will start coming together in the next few weeks.

Andrew currently spends most of his time just being a super sweet little cuddle bug. Our family has all eagerly taken turns snuggling with the little guy. He probably thinks we are all really weird since we pretty much just stare at him. It’s hard not to. He is so little and perfect, sometimes you can’t help but just gaze at him (although this is usually unceremoniously interrupted by a scary, loud, wet sound coming from Andrew’s diaper!)  Ben has especially enjoyed spending time with his little brother, always looking to hold him or help out with him. And Andrew’s fur brother, Shadow, has also adjusted to the new addition to our family. The dog looks genuinely concerned any time the baby cries, and will come over and try licking him to comfort him. Shadow is never far behind anytime you are holding Andrew, almost like he is keeping a watchful eye on the littlest member of his pack.

So it has been a big change for everyone in our household, and we are all adjusting, but already it seems strange to think about life without Andrew here. I know I love my alone time with the little guy, and nothing warms my heart like seeing Ben care for his little brother. But, most of all, I love watching Mommy care for her little peanut. It was a long journey to get him here, and she went through so much. Through all the late nights and dirty diapers, I’ll never get tired of watching her become a mom to our little guy.

I try to take a snapshot of this time in my mind, these little moments as we become parents (again, for me), big brothers, as our family grows. I want to remember all of the little details. Most of all, I’ll sit and stare at Andrew, or play with his little hands and toes, knowing that three weeks, then three months, then three years will go by all too fast. There will be countless changes and firsts to come. For now, I just want to be here in this moment, and enjoy every minute with this little guy. He’ll never be just three weeks old again.

More updates to come soon! And in the meantime, feel free to check out big brother’s blog by clicking here!


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